19 Questions you think of something, we guess it

#2 Is it small? Yes No Skip this question

Would you find it on a farm — yes


a bokuto (wooden sword)0.352%
a horse0.231%
tokoyaki (fried octopus)0.231%
karashi (mustard for sushi)0.226%
a video cassette recorder0.220%
a human head0.198%
Glass stone game (similar to marbles)0.187%
anman (red bean bun)0.187%
an avocado tree0.187%
a kitten0.179%
Total entropy:11.55 bits

Top questions

Is it small0.080 bits
Is it larger than a pound of butter0.073 bits
Does it bring joy to people0.072 bits
Do you use it in public0.071 bits
Can it fit in an envelope0.071 bits
Is it round0.070 bits
Is it brown0.067 bits
Is it flexible0.066 bits
Does it roll0.063 bits
Is it soft0.061 bits